Cynthia's Group + 1:1 Program

A 15-week program to help you speak in a kind, honest, and helpful way, even when it's difficult.

This program will help you:

  • Improve your relationship with partners, family, coworkers, friends
  • Increase awareness of where you’re focusing your attention
  • Engage more with people and your environment
  • Increase self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-confidence
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve decision making
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Be more present in your conversations and day-to-day life
  • Increase self-trust
  • Increase compassion towards oneself and others
  • Reduce reactivity
  • Increase control of what’s coming out of your mouth
  • Help your ability to focus on one thing at a time
  • To handle confrontational situations
  • Know when to speak and when to keep quiet
  • Know what is and isn’t your responsibility in a conversation
  • Listen to anyone – even people you don’t agree with
  • Be less critical of others and self
  • Speak honestly to others in a way they can hear
  • Feel good and proud of your interactions with others
  • Speak consciously, clearly, and concisely
  • Create a meditation practice that sticks
  • Become more calm and relaxed
  • Sleep through the night

What’s Included:

The full Kane Intentional Communication Training Program that takes you through the practice that has changed the way thousands of people communicate (Over 70,000 people)

  • 10 video lessons that walk you through how to change your communication
    • What is Intentional Communication
    • Guidelines of Intentional Communication
    • The practice of Intentional Communication
    • Meditation
    • Listen to yourself
    • Listen to others
    • Speak consciously, concisely, and clearly
    • Silence
    • Difficult Conversations
    • Putting it all together
  • 30 + Meditations specific for communication
  • Transcripts of all the training videos
  • Workbook + Cynthia's Books (How to Communicate like a Buddhist, Talk to Yourself like a Buddhist, How to Meditate like a Buddhist) printable worksheets, reading material, practice exercises
  • 15 weeks of live group communication coaching with Cynthia (all calls recorded)! Wednesdays, 1:30 p.m. est
  • 4 individual calls with Cynthia!
  • 4 months after the program check in call with Cynthia
  • Exclusive access to private community group
  • Certificate as an Intentional Communicator (All quizzes must be completed and passed)


Time Commitment

  • 1.5-2 hours / week
  • 15 weeks

*Note: Many companies will pay for their employees to be a part of the training program. If you think your company would cover the training as a part of their professional development budget, let me know and I'll provide a business one sheet to share with your employer

Start Date

May 2024


One payment - $2,500


Five payments - $560

Extended payment plan options are available if needed.

Don't buy this program, invest in it. The practice, strategies and insight you will learn require you to show up and put in the work. It will take more than money to master this. 

What I can promise is that your investment will save you time and effort trying to figure this out in the long run. The practice I share took me years to figure out. This is what I want you to avoid.

I can't want this more than you do, but I will give you all the tools necessary to reach this next level. 

About Cynthia Kane

Cynthia Kane is the CEO and Founder of the Kane Intentional Communication™ Institute, LLC, a communication institute for professionals that provides a holistic approach to effective communication. Cynthia uses her proprietary process called the Kane Intentional Communication™ Practice to help individuals interact in a more kind, honest, and helpful way. 

Cynthia isn’t like other communication coaches out there. The whole narrative of her life shifted when her first love passed away unexpectedly in 2011. He was 32.

The minute it happened, her life changed forever. She was a blank canvas, empty.

Out of her loss came this need, desire, to feel good, to feel cared for. But no matter how much other people tried to nurture her, they couldn’t.

Little-by-little, she realized that the only person who could take care of her, make her a priority, make her feel good, was herself. She had to undo alot of what she had been taught and if she wanted to change the way she lived in the worlds she was going to have to change the way she interacted with it. This meant shifting the way she interacted with herself, others, and in turn the world.

She had to learn how to communicate differently to lead a more empowered life. And she created a practice of communication to do just that.

Now, what she wants to do is give you the same opportunity. She wants to help you learn how to take care of who you are by paying attention to how you speak in your career, relationships, life!  Because you deserve it.

She is the author of How to Communicate like a Buddhist, Talk to Yourself like a Buddhist, and How to Meditate like a Buddhist, and was named by Yahoo as the #2 Communication Coach to watch in 2021. She and her work have been featured in national and international publications including Spirituality & Health Magazine, Self Magazine, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, BBC Travel, Refinery29, Mind Body Green and more. She has been a featured mindfulness and meditation expert on Great Day Washington, Good Morning Arizona, Good Morning Connecticut, and All About Women – WENG RADIO. Podcasts she’s been featured on: Gold with Jeanette Schneider, Inner Light Project, What Matters Most, The Lit Up Lightworker, Mindful Communication, TheFutur, Sexy Soulful Success, Office Hours.  

Cynthia has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bard College and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College. She is a certified breath coach and meditation and mindfulness instructor.

Companies worked with include: Verve, Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT), The Council on Foreign Relations, KPMG, Young Presidents’ Organization, Edlavitch Jewish Community Center, BroadFutures, Zonta International, Yellow Telescope, Habour West Consulting, Bard College, UNC Ashville.

Companies who have supported their employees working with Cynthia through their employee assistance programs include: Greenpeace International, Elekta, Michigan State University,  Boston Medical Center, National Partnership for Women and Families, Virginia Port Authority, Griner Engineering Inc, LodgeWorks Partners, L.P.


She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and two little kiddos.

"Cynthia's course was life-changing for me. I struggled with over-reactivity and over-sensitivity in several of my closest relationships which made me feel like I had no control over myself. Using the tools and coaching from this course helped me shift from feeling like a petulant child to feeling like a wise adult in my most challenging personal relationships. I am forever grateful to Cynthia for her teaching and guidance."

Mickey Hay

"I can honestly say that working with Cynthia in her Intentional Communication program changed my life. As someone who hasn't had much trouble in life speaking my mind, I was unsure at first how impactful this course would be for me, but was gratefully surprised by the outcome. Not only did it equip me to have powerful conversations with others in my life, but it presented me with a safe space to first have those honest and sometimes hard conversations with myself. I've achieved all of the goals I set while working with her, and as a bonus have become an example to those around me on communication. I'm more confident, proud, and calm because of what I know now, and I feel more free not only in my ability to express myself but in creating a space where others feel safe to do the same."

Cheyenne Giesecke

"This course has been life changing. I was defensive, took on the emotions of other people and carried them with me for days, would be upset but not understand why and couldn't seem to express what it was. I would not listen to others when they spoke (I mean really listen). I would always try to insert my own opinion or advice- I'm certain most times it was never asked for. There needed to be a change. I found this course and the thing that really got me was that it described the course with the offer of helping but it didn't have any of those gimmicks or sales tactics. I think it simply said, if you are not ready to take this course this time, perhaps next time it is available you will be ready. Right there, I knew that was something unique so I signed up. I started out feeling reluctant, skeptical, and nervous that it would even work or help improve my communication. However, the course went step by step over the many weeks with the careful and patient guidance of Cynthia. Each week, there was something new to learn and the steps built upon each other and I learned how to put it into practice. I learned from one on one and group coaching sessions. I learned how to listen to my inner voice and identify the emotions that I was experiencing that I never before could identify. I learned to be gentle and forgiving with myself when I made mistakes and this flowed into my interactions with others. I am now in a different space and a different person. Am I perfect? No, but when I act in a way that is not kind, honest, or helpful, I know how to handle it and circle back with the person whom I have affected and resolve things. This is a far cry from what used to happen where I used to keep digging and digging that hole even deeper and making things worse, and then hide. Now there may be difficult conversations but they aren't at the same level of difficulty and I am able to negotiate through them much better now and am not left with that horrible feeling inside that used to linger on and on. If you decide to take this course, you will be grateful that you did and I am certain that you will find it one of the most worthwhile experiences of your life.' "

Danielle Macario

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