About Us

Welcome to the Kane Intentional Communication Institute


Our mission is to

 - help those struggling with expressing themselves in romantic relationships speak their truth confidently and authentically.

- help those struggling to get the respect they deserve at work to speak confidently and authentically so they're seen, valued, and heard. 

- help those struggling with reactivity in their families and at home to speak calmly, clearly, and with compassion

To become less reactive, more in control of your words, and confident handling difficult interactions. 

The Institute offers the Intentional Communication Training Program, which you can learn more about here.

The Kane Intentional Communication PracticeTM is an approach to communication guided by the Elements of Right Speech in Buddhism. It is a mix of non-violent, mindful, and what we call self-responsible communication. It is a practice in how to communicate in a kind, honest, deliberate, non-judgmental and helpful way.