5 Day Kane Intentional Communication Challenge



January 8th, 2024

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5 Day Kane Intentional Communication Challenge  

Monday, January 8th, 2024


Are you ready to start creating more connection and presence in your relationships over the next 5 days? 

To connect differently with your partner, kids, friends, family, colleagues, employer, or employees?

You are going to learn how to get out of your head and lessen the doubt, anxiety and self judgment, so that you feel more at ease in your most important relationships - in just 5 days.

You'll learn a practice for each day to help you show up more confident, compassionate, and authentic.

You'll start practicing how to stop the constant arguing, getting defensive, and impatience trying to explain yourself. Gone will be the days of feeling misunderstood 

It's been made painfully clear that you need to start doing something differently in your relationships and with your communication.

You've decided you aren't going to wait any longer to truly enjoy your interactions with your loved ones.

Join the challenge and you'll be amazed at how much can change within your most triggering relationships in 5 days.


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  • You¬†want to¬†stop arguing and fighting¬†
  • You want to¬†interact in a way¬†you feel proud of
  • You want to learn how to pause before you say something you don't mean
  • You want to stop beating yourself up and feel less stress and anxiety

Meet your guide,
Cynthia Kane 


For the past decade, I’ve been helping thousands of parents, partners, family members, and employers and employees experience more peace so that they can show up calmly and confidently in their most important relationships. I am the author of How to Communicate like a Buddhist, Talk to Yourself like a Buddhist, and How to Meditate like a Buddhist, and was named one of Yahoo’s top ten communication coaches to watch. I have been featured in the Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Spirituality & Health, Authority Magazine, Women’s Day Magazine, SELF Magazine, and more.

I am the CEO and Founder of the Kane Intentional Communication‚ĄĘInstitute, LLC, which¬†provides a holistic approach to effective communication. ¬†

These past years you may have experienced more overwhelm in your most important relationships than ever before. This stress, worry, doubt, and anxiety has possibly led to sleepless nights, shutting down, getting passive aggressive, lashing out or not feeling like you're able to express yourself for fear of what the reaction will be. It has been difficult to stand in your power, feel confident in decision making, and not be controlled by your emotions.

And the hardest part is that you feel like you know better. You have already done some self-development work and you have tools you could be using, but nothing seems to stick.

I created this 5 Day Challenge because I want to show you how it’s possible to create more connection in your  most triggering relationships with just 5 practices. 

I want to give you the keys you need to create relationships focused on trust, respect, and appreciation.


If you want to experience a fraction of our student results you should join.


The 5 Day Challenge 
is for you if:

  • You want to feel grounded and in a positive head space going into the New Year
  • You've done self-development work before and it feels like nothing's working
  • You're exhausted¬†by your interactions at home and at work
  • You want to feel more present in your interactions and not take things personally, get defensive or have to explain yourself

5 Day Kane Intentional Communication Challenge 


You'll receive a challenge workbook, daily videos, daily meditations, a live group communication coaching call with Cynthia + a discount on Cynthia's group + 1:1 program opening up after the challenge.



More about the Kane Intentional CommunicationTM Institute, LLC

The Kane Intentional CommunicationTM Institute, LLC is the leading institute for high achieving individuals that provides a holistic approach to effective communication. 

Founded in 2017 by Cynthia Kane, the institute uses a proprietary process called the Kane Intentional CommunicationTM Practice to help students speak their truth, better control their emotions, and have clear decision making. This practice heals marriages, broken families and friendships, as well as your most important relationships at work. To learn more go to www.kanecommunicate.com